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Words WITH Warren Late Season & Hunting tips Mr. Warren, I have been hunting in Meadville, MS for the last 2 years–both private land and in the Homochitto National Forest. What do you normally look for this time of year while scouting for new areas to hunt? I’ve been walking the woods trying to pick up on something but am having a hard time locating anything that sticks out at me. ere are still a few overcup acorns on the ground, but it doesn’t seem that anything’s eating them (probably getting sour). I have found old scrape lines that haven’t been hit in a while along with old feed trees that have tapered out. Should I keep looking for active trails, scrape lines, or possibly late season feed trees and browse? My area also has a decent amount of hunting pressure. I don’t think it’s over-hunted, but it does get some pressure. anks for any advice and I appreciate all the helpful info you have put out for us to achieve success! — Scott McCarthy ibodaux, Louisiana Scott, Late season hunting can be tough. By this time of the season there’s been so much hunting pressure that the deer can be very hard to pattern and hunt. Harsh weather conditions can also be your enemy, making hunting more diffi cult, and in some cases, causing you to have to cancel a hunt. By now you should be familiar enough with your hunting area to be able to take advantage of deer movement in travel areas (fl ow areas, funnels, and creek crossings). Also, the rub lines that you mentioned–even though they’re not fresh–can indicate favored travel areas. It’s also a good time of the year to hunt food plots if you have access to them. If setting up on the plot doesn’t work out, maybe you can fi nd the best setup to cut them off coming into the plots. Using a setup that off ers a distant view gives you the opportunity to observe out-of-range movement to relocate to for a closer setup. 26 | Bayou Bucks Magazine February 2012 Warren Womack , of Clinton, Louisiana, killed his fi rst deer in 1968, and since that time has amassed an astounding total of 360 recovered deer kills; 175 by compound bow; 96 by traditional bow, and 89 by gun. Adamant about hunting active feed trees, Womack has kept full records for all of his several thousand hunts, and correlates much of his success to relentless scouting and a thorough understanding of the moon’s infl uence on deer movement. Questions for Warren can be sent to BEST DAYS P O O R G O O D V A L U E 2012 FEB Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 LUNAR PERIODS E X C L F A I R 37 39 40 50 60 68 73 63 52 40 34 30 32 39 27 22 22 32 42 54 60 51 44 35 32 35 37 44 56 25 50 75 MOON OVERHEAD 5:46 pm -9:12 pm 6:34 pm -10:04 pm 7:26 pm -10:56 pm 8:22 pm -11:44 pm TIMES OCCURRING DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS ARE IN BLUE TYPE MOON UNDERFOOT 5:26 am -8:46 am 6:11 am -9:37 am 6:59 am -10:29 am 7:51 am -11:21 am HIGH Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 9:19 pm -12:31 am 10:17 pm -1:17 am 11:17 pm -Midnight Midnight -1:59 am 12:16 am -2:42 am 1:16 am -3:22 am 2:17 am -4:05 am 3:17 am -4:49 am 4:20 am -5:36 am 5:21 am -6:27 am 6:23 am -7:21 am 7:22 am -8:20 am 8:17 am -9:19 am 9:09 am -10:17 am 9:56 am -11:14 am 10:36 am -12:12 pm 11:16 am -1:04 pm 11:52 am -1:58 pm 12:27 pm -2:49 pm 1:01 pm -3:41 pm 1:39 pm -4:31 pm 2:16 pm -5:22 pm 2:56 pm -6:12 pm 3:40 pm -7:02 pm 4:27 pm -7:53 pm 8:47 am -12:09 pm 9:44 am -12:56 pm 10:42 am -1:42 pm 11:42 am -2:24 pm 12:41 pm -3:07 pm 1:41 pm -3:47 pm 2:42 pm -4:30 pm 3:42 pm -5:14 pm 4:45 pm -6:01 pm 5:46 pm -6:52 pm 6:48 pm -7:46 pm 7:47 pm -8:45 pm 8:42 pm -9:44 pm 9:34 pm -10:42 pm 10:21 pm -11:39 pm 11:01 pm -12:37 am 11:41 pm -Midnight Midnight -1:29 am 12:17 am -2:23 am 12:52 am -3:14 am 1:26 am -4:06 am 2:04 am -4:56 am 2:41 am -5:47 am 3:21 am -6:37 am 4:05 am -7:27 am FULL PERIGEE HALF LOW NEW APOGEE HALF AVERAGE A SUN SYMBOL MEANS THAT LUNAR PERIOD MAY BE RELATIVELY STRONGER TODAY, BECAUSE IT IS OVERLAPPING ONE OF THESE MAJOR SOLAR PERIODS: = HIGH NOON = DAWN = DUSK Don’t forget about bottomland hardwood areas that have late dropping nuttall acorns. In past years, I’ve seen nuttalls–in your area–on the last day of the season that were dropping acorns. I realize that actual hunting time is limited, but the main thing to avoid is falling into a rut doing the same thing every time. If a setup doesn’t work, abandon it and try another one. You’ll only discover something better by doing things diff erently. Remember: deer can pattern you a whole lot faster than you can pattern them. Keep ‘em guessing and surprise ‘em! Hunt hard, be safe, and have fun. — Warren Womack Clinton, Louisiana These nuttall acorns were photographed on January 13, 2012 in Pointe Coupee Parish. A consistent acorn producer, this year’s nuttall oaks should hold their mast well into February.

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